At Nordic Tankers, we are convinced that happy people create the best results. To make sure our people go to work with joy, we encourage a healthy balance between work and family life. We don’t believe in choosing between your career, playing elite football, knitting or spending time with your family. There should be room for a balanced life.

To that end, we live by this saying “Did you remember to have a good laugh with your colleagues today?” Because we know that in order to deliver results at work, it’s important to also have fun, and we believe in having fun.

At the same time, we believe that setting goals and making demands on our employees will take them further. We strive to be a world-class organization and we need ambitious and dedicated employees, who pitch in to work. Thus, we continuously follow up on performances, both professionally and when it comes to behavior.

It’s important to us that each employee understands how she or he contributes to our value chain based on the idea that people are motivated when they know “the why” - why they are doing it.