One of our vessels, recently received a call from Sunk VTS & Dover Coastguard that a boat had capsized 1.7 NM from her. They asked our vessel, the LT Besiktas Pera, to proceed to the position in the Channel and report back to the coast guard. Immediately, the ship altered course, proceeding to the given position and was the first vessel to arrive at the overturned boat.

They found one person on top of the fishing boat. Therefore, our crew remained at the position until a search and rescue helicopter arrived to pick up the only survivor. Apparently, there were two more fishing men onboard the boat before it overturned. Sadly, only one was rescued; the second one was taken from the water but later died in hospital; the third one was not found, perhaps because the accident was reported nine hours after it happened.

At Nordic Tankers, we are sad that two people tragically have lost their lives, but we are also grateful to have been part of saving one person from drowning.