As of January 31 2019, Nordic Tankers is officially owned by MOL Chemical Tankers Pte. Ltd. and we have been renamed MOL Nordic Tankers. We are proud to be part of one of the world’s largest chemical tanker companies.

MOL Chemical Tankers Pte. Ltd. acquired all the shares of Nordic Tankers A/S (now renamed to MOL Nordic Tankers A/S) and consequently there will be no changes in terms of our daily business and contact with customers, stakeholders and business partners. Hence, all point(s) of contact will remain the same and we will continue to deliver high-quality service every day. Also group structure, company registration and VAT numbers (tax ID) as well as bank accounts remain unchanged.

Following the change of ownership, MOL Nordic Tankers has changed logo in alignment with the visual design of MOL Chemical Tankers.  


In MOL Nordic Tankers, we look very much forward to continuing our strong collaboration with customers, stakeholders and other business partners.


Here is an overview of name changes of our company's entities:

 Former company name     New company name
 Nordic Tankers A/S      MOL Nordic Tankers A/S
 Nordic Tankers Trading A/S      MOL Nordic Tankers Trading A/S
 Nordic Tankers Colombia S.A.S.     MOL Nordic Tankers Colombia S.A.S.
 Nordic Tankers (USA) LLC     MOL Nordic Tankers (USA) LLC
 Nordic Tankers Freight Aps     MOL Nordic Tankers Freight Aps
 Nordic Caribe K/S     Nordic Caribe K/S
 Nordic Caribe Partners Aps     Nordic Caribe Partners Aps


For more information about our new owner MOL Chemical Tankers, please visit: